Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail- Washington

 If you are someone who enjoys backpacking but can only get away for a week (give or take), you'll appreciate my guidebook created with you in mind!

Designed specifically for the section hiker,  I took two years documenting every water source, camp spot, landscape feature and trail detail to bring you a book where you, the hiker who isn't interested or available to hike the whole PCT, can plan a mini-thru hike using logical point to point recommendations.

The book explores some of the most beautiful backcountry of Washington State along the PCT sharing the best places to throw down for the night and what to expect during your days on the trail. From the scenic lowlands of the Columbia River basin to the rustic, solitude of the Pasayten Wilderness, there is a section for everyone! Complete with suggested itineraries, trailhead and car shuttling information, detailed maps and elevation profiles as well as full-color photos, this is one you'll definitely want to add to your collection! Click here to order.

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