Tuesday, March 20, 2012

this time of year

Yesterday, 36 states saw temperatures over 70 degrees. Washington State was not one of those basking in the heat of an early sprummer (spring/summer). But the sky was blue and the birds were dancing in the trees, so I took a jaunt up a local trail (West Tiger 3) to see how things looked.

Winter's cold hands still held the land tightly. The grey jays and douglas squirrels were shameful flirts as they tried to convince me that their wintery world was not a sufficient provider. I knew better and resisted their sweet faces.

Down lower, the Indian Plum was beginning to bloom, which to me, is always the very first sign that no matter how hard winter tries, spring always wins the battle of the seasons. I even saw one bloom on a salmonberry bush, which made me think that it's only a matter of time before the hummingbirds arrive to the high country and the bears crawl out from under their fallen logs to feast on nature's bounty.

As usual, Mother Nature's 'school for higher learning', taught me the lesson of patience. And subtly reminded me, that spring, is indeed coming.

happy trails, hinterland hikers!

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