Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pinching the pinchot

Well, it’s officially the shoulder season.  I pinched the Pinchot goodbye for a few months to focus on writing and keeping in shape with lowland and Central Washington trails.  It’s hard to believe that winter will arrive in less that three weeks. Those meadows where I spent my hours playing this summer are now covered in a decent base of snow and the marmots and bears have likely settled in for their winter naps.  I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t jealous of that lifestyle- eat all summer, sleep all winter. Probably not a care in the world about bingo wings, cankles, saddlebags or muffin tops. Tell me, who is the more intelligent species?  

I’m still cruising away at writing my new Day Hiking guide for the Goat Rocks and Mount Adams area.  When my brain is “on” words flow like waterfalls out of my head into my fingertips and it’s hard to get up from my desk.  Other times, I sit comatose, mouth hanging open, starring intently at the blank slate in front of me.  When that happens, there is only one solution...head for the hills and hike it off.  There is no better cure for writers block than fresh, delicious mountain air and hearing your own rhythmic breathing .  My brain loves this pampering as much as my body.  The weather is completely irrelevant. I go out in blazing, cold rain, dark drizzly or overcast chill. I always say that if you don’t exercise in bad weather in the northwest, you don’t exercise. Not that it’s easy to get motivated, but I know that a warm shower and happy endorphins await on the other side. Plus, eggnog is now on the dairy shelf aisle and it reaches for me with long Ebenezer fingers as I walk by (I am the ghost of sugar-future)....

With the weather turning, I’ve noticed less people on the lowland trails. Seasonally, folks seem to get amped up for the “next” sports.  In early spring, everyone is itchin’ to get out hiking and backpacking, while this time of year all the powder junkies are waxing and jonesin’ to hit the slopes.  The shoulder seasons are those of anticipation.  Whatever it is that makes you happy this time of year (eggnog, hiking, waxing, etc.), I hope you enjoy it.  See you out there, friends.  Happy Holidays!

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